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The surf is on in Crete, Greece

kids surfing in Crete

Day two for our surf trio from Liechtenstein. While they started out smoothly with knee-high glassy waves yesterday, today a new challenge was waiting for them. With the addition of a family from Ireland, the surf course today took place at the same beach break but the waves where pumping. This means more exposure to the elements and less forgiving for those small mistakes we all make. Non the less it was a lot of fun and very enjoyable to burn off some energy while surfing. A relaxing afternoon waits for our surfer I guess...

Day two also for our family from Germany. Because of the increase of swell size we decided to head to another bay where the waves are smaller and more kid-friendly. After the first day introduction to surfing by surf instructor Andy today it was time to solidify what they learned and also make some more progress. Well done!

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