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Exclusive Women's Surf Lesson in Falassarna

women surfing in Falassarna

Look at the picture of this beautiful wave this morning in Falassarna. Three women surfers paddle together for the wave. Too many times surfing can be a bit of a boy's club where women and girls feel excluded. On the competition level the focus is not equally spread to both genders and also on the surfschool level women and girls sometimes feel treated differently. We often see that the female students are more humble with their skills and achievements. Not to mention the many Instagram bikini fotos with a surfboard. We think women and girls can achieve just as much as their male counterparts and we want to empower them to believe in themselves. It is our believe that surfing is not just for "boys". One of our many ways to provide girls and women with their perfect surf experience is to have women's wetsuits ready in all sizes. For one so they fit specifically women's body types and two we don't want our surfers to struggle with shifting swimsuits but to concentrate fully on their performance.

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