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Paddle Boarding and Yoga in Crete

paddle boarders swimming and laughing

Today Kalo Surf surf school is back in the water with the Ladies form Mavros Molos Yoga Retreat with the addition of Vince. The sea was so calm today it does not get any better to try stand up paddling for the first time.

First, Andy showed them on the beach how to paddle on their knees, standing up on both feet as well as the correct paddling technique. Once in the water they learned how to mount the board in case you fall off, which of course naturally happens sometimes, it's just part of the experience!

And off they paddled to explore the coast line of Kissamos and overcame some fears, trained their balance, paddled better than they thought they every would, witnessed Andy diving down a few feet to the bottom of the sea to secure the boards for exploring some sea caves. A true unique adventure at our beautiful coastline in Crete! We are so proud of your accomplishment!

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