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Veni, Vidi, Surfici

We came, saw and surfed!

Yesterday was an epic day to remember. Our reefbreak, Dexameni, welcomed us with offshore wind, perfect waves and empty surf - of course. We were quick to announce this is the Kalo Surf Surfschool day of the season. Never ever has our intermediate group surfed a spot like this one - yes, there are waves in Greece!!!

With an empty surf spot like this, and perfect waves one after the other, our group had an individual wave count like never before. This allowed them to work on their specific mistakes and newly learned maneuvers over and over again. Such a progress in a single day! Charlotte declared it her best session ever - ever - period.

With such a beautiful surf and good vibes in the water, the changeable weather was like icing on the cake. When have you ever surfed with rain, sun, wind and calm in a single session? Magical!

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