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Family Surfing in West Crete

Surfing with KaloSurf is the perfect way to enjoy a day on the beach with the whole family. We will chose a spot where the waves are the perfect size and safe for the children. Other than that surf instructor and lifeguard Andy will keep you safe at all times - and make sure everybody has a lot of fun. In addition to that, Crete's premiered beaches provide all the comfort that you need: cafés, sunbeds, beach showers and facilities.

Today was again a special day for Kalo Surf in Crete. Our friends, the whole family, got to come down to the beach and have fun. Nikolas made it to make the front hand and back hand turn. Joanna did stalling and trimming, thus prolonged her ride all the way to the beach. And our twins, did everything pretty much the same: with lots of laughter. And how did their mum do?

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