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Thunderstorm, Flat Waters A.N.D Pumping Waves

Today was an exciting day at KaloSurf in Crete. It started with a thunderstorm of epic proportions and a tropical downpour. So we took the group that was scheduled for a SUP-Tour first for a good hot coffee at a newly opened café in Kissamos, to wait for the storm to pass by.

And it was worth to wait. The sky cleared up, the sun was shining and the sea was calm and glassy like a lake. Andy took Alex and Hella to the now already infamous goat SUP tour. The paddle tour took them along the coastlines with beautiful bays perfect for snorkeling. They also took trips on land to discover the Cretan "jungle" and caves of all sizes inhabited by goats, they climbed and jumped off cliffs.

The afternoon had another surprise in store: the wind picked up and delivered nice and smooth waves. Everybody was excited to go surfing. Markus followed his girlfriend in the water and had his first ride ever on a surfboard. The session lasted until the harvest moon came up!

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