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Super Sunny October Surfing

take off surf lesson October

We could not wish for a better start to this October 2020! The sun is shining, the temperatures are warm and the water is crystal clear with glassy small waves. "Kalo Mina!" we say in Greece at the beginning of a new month. A good month to you! At the start of the surf lesson we did a couple of dry runs on the beach for the pop up in order to correct small mistakes and optimize the flow. Then we learned and simulated the paddling technique before going into the water. Because the sea was calmer today we did not struggle with oncoming set after set and took our time to learn some tricks that have to do with paddling out: Sitting on the board, turning around while sitting, going back on the board in deeper waters, overcoming the waves and paddling for the waves. We also trained to change directions while paddling by slightly adapting the paddling stroke. Optimizing your paddling technique and board handling will help you along the line to become a confident surfer. When trying to catch the wave it can be necessary to react and turn around quickly or to paddle sideways to the peak and then turn 90 degrees to the wave in order to catch it. Throughout the course our participants had the chance to catch many many waves on their own or with guidance from surf coach Andy. A high wave count means many repetitions. Many repetitions help with manifesting the movement patterns in your body and mind. Johanna had the chance to work on her back side turn today. This is the turn that most people deem the more difficult one. No wave left unridden today!

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