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Good spirits at the surf course in Crete

group pic surf lesson Crete

The northern swell keeps on giving and keeps on giving. Perfect conditions on the north coast of Crete for many many days. Our group consisted of first time surfers and surfers with previous experience. For the practical part our first time surfers learned the prawn position, walking into the water and overcoming white water waves, turning around with the backs towards the wave for safety. The surfers with previous experience learned how to overcome the waves while paddling, sitting on the board and turning around with the turtle paddle stroke. As usual on the very first day we first practice how to catch the wave while pushing & jumping and train how to quickly find the correct position on the board. Today we went really quickly through the first sets of exercises and then they learned the pop up on the beach and of course took it to the water to try and pop up on the surfboard. It went really well and everyone managed multiple times to pop up on the board. We had a lot of fun and everyone really felt the joy that is surfing. Katerina, Klaudie and Boris paddled out with Andy to catch waves further out. They all got at least one or more wave. The stoke is real at Kalo Surf surf school. Shaka.

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