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The Early Bird surfs in Crete

father and sun enjoy a surf lesson together in Crete

Good morning! Our group today literally woke up at the crack of dawn to take a surf lesson with Kalo Surf surf school. Filippo drove around 50 min to come to the meeting point in Kissamos. Yuri and Konstantin did not shy away from 1h 30 min drive to have a unique surf experience with us. Thank you all for your dedication!

So, how did today's surf lesson with Kalo Surf in Kissamos go? After we did the formalities and changed into the gear, surf instructor Andy set up the area for the theory part of the lesson. It was already a warm but beautiful morning, so we needed to cool down at the shower. During this time, we prepared the more experienced girls for their task of today: paddling out in the line up, turning around and catching waves while paddling.

The first time surfers were introduced to the basics, such as carrying the board & overcoming the wave all while being safe and conserving as much energy as possible to sustain the duration of the surf lesson. In the water they caught their first waves and learned how to position themselves on the surfboard. After they did a lot of exercises to get used to the surfboard we took a break and Andy continued with the second part of the lesson. This is the time where the first time surfers learn the pop up. Pia and Rosa however, got some tips on how to turn the board and shift their weight. Andy paddled out with the girls and showed them again where to position themselves, how to turn around while sitting on the board and waiting & looking for the wave. Everyone gave it their best and had great achievements whether it was the first day or more than one day.

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