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Safety first at Kalo Surf School Greece

surfing in kissamos

Start your day right – a lot of sun, new friends and a surf lesson with Andy! But before we jump into the water Andy gives us some advice how to handle the surfboard, a take off training, a warm up and of course the safety instructions. It’s always good to keep them in mind no matter how often you heard them before ;)

Now we are totally ready to go surfing and catch those waves!

After 2 hours paddling and surfing we are all super tired and super happy! Everybody surfed some really good waves and was laughing a lot. Our session ends with some final theory about currents.

Our second lesson on this day was just the perfect last day of surfing for this lovely family from Austria! Everybody could see the big improvement they made in their holidays with us. Incredible guys! Good job!! We can’t wait to go surfing with you in your next holidays here in Kissamos!

Click here for the pics of the day

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