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Kalo Surf welcomes you to the island of Crete!

Kalo Surf is a project I have been working on for the last 10 years and it's finally on!

The main goal of this surf school is to bring people of all ages and abilities closer to the element of the water and have fun while doing it.
After a long Odyssey around the globe I decided that there is no better place to live and surf than back home.
Here we are, back at the roots, where it all began. In the midst ancient civilization with traditions, dances and really good food.
In the air the smell of a rare mix of herbs that never leaves your memory. Crete - the Island of many wars and many civilizations.
Throughout the historic timeline of the island there has been one thing that was always there. The endless coastline full of stunning bays and uncharted surfing potential ready for you to explore!

Andy - Andreas Koulepis



Years of experience with students of all ages and nationalities on ocean waves and Mediterranean sea waves. Qualified Surf Instructors with up to date Lifeguard Licenses to keep you safe and make sure you learn the latest techniques at your own pace.


We are the first surf school in Greece that is not situated on one fixed bay, flexible to go on the right spot on the right time which means more waves for us. This way, we can offer consistently surfable waves.


The wave here has half the power of a big ocean wave which makes it human friendly, easy and fun to ride.

Surf Courses

Surf Lessons

We offer surf classes for all ages and abilities, because at Kalo Surf we believe that everybody is entitled to learn at their own pace, no matter how old or with what fitness level. According to the conditions and abilities we will choose an adequate surf spot daily.


What we offer


Pick-up & drop-off at your place of stay

2.5-3 hour group lessons


New and safe surf equipment

Free pictures or video coaching


Certified surf instructors with lifeguard license

Family friendly


Cutting edge instructing methods



1 Surf Lesson

2 Surf Lessons

3 Surf Lessons

5 Surf Lessons





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Kissamos Area, Crete, Kreta, Greece

Tel & Whatsapp: +306944961471


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