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October Surfing in Crete

Practice practice practice was the motto of today's surf lesson at Falassarna in Western Crete. The weather was super warm, southwestern winds brought dry and hot air. The water was crystal clear with glassy waves that became gradually bigger throughout the course of the surf lesson.

Conditions were ideal for getting out and catching the waves easily. This allowed our participants to have many many repetitions of the specific surf maneuvers they wanted to train.

We spent a lot of time on the beach today to go through standing up on the board thoroughly. Andy gave individual corrections and tips. A smooth pop up ensures that the surfboard does not stall and maintains speed during the first crucial part of the wave. The coach also explained and simulated with the participants the motion of the turn! Marta tried turning the board backside for the first time. Kamil successfully performed back side and front side turns today. Fabian worked nicely on his take-off and pop up and also performed turns. Vanessa was able to catch many waves on her own. Martin practiced the take-off and turns. It was only good vibes today and the lesson finished right before sunset. A magical time at Falassarna beach.

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