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Surfing in Crete with Kalo Surf at Kissamos Bay

surf lesson, learning how to catch a wave

Another great day for Surfing at Kissamos Bay in Crete. It looks as if the current swell is here to stay, peaking in a big storm in the middle of the upcoming week. Let's see how this turns out...

Today surf coach Andy met our participants at the usual meeting point and handed out the equipment from the surf van: surfboard, leash, wetsuit and lycra, each adapted to the individual size of the participants. We then headed to the beach for the theory part of the surf lesson. This contains parts of the board to insure communication, safety rules and setting the goal of the first day. The goal of the first surf lesson is to be able to catch a wave on your own and to balance on the surfboard, so it maintains speed - no matter in what position!

After the dry run on the beach of the initial position on the surfboard we went in the water to try. It always takes some time to get used to the surfboard and to the motion of launching yourself forward while trying to land correctly on the surfboard. But once it works and the surfboard takes off with the wave, the feeling is hard to beat. In order to secure the movement patterns and to manifest the balance on the surfboard in our bodies, Andy always suggests a variety of positions: the lion, pushing on one side to give direction, flying like an eagle, or landing on our knees. Goal of the first day accomplished!

Then we take a break and come to the beach to learn the next step: the pop up. A smooth motion is key, so you don't lose your balance and the surfboard does not lose speed by dragging or nosediving. Today we could surf thick powerful white water lines that allow for many repetitions of the movement patterns, until everyone was tired and happy after their first surfing lesson in Crete.

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