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Surf lesson in September in Crete with Kalo Surf

surf lesson in the bay of Kissamos, Crete

Surfing is a great activity when on vacation in Crete in September. Come autumn, we generally have good waves, the water is still very warm from the summer heat, and the beaches are emptier than usual.

Today we met our group of beginner and first time surfers in the afternoon. After handing out the equipment, surf coach Andy started the lesson with warm up to prepare for the upcoming sports activity! Then we covered communication, signalling and safety rules. On the beach we had some dry runs for Noah, Linda and Angie of the motion of the pop up. Then they were to first to head into the surf. The first timers stayed a bit longer to cover everything, one needs to learn their very first surf lesson: Explanation of the surfboard parts, so we can ensure communication, the goals of the very first day, how to carry the surfboard and how to turn around with the surfboard (with our backs to the wave) and how to be always 90 degrees to the wave. Then they learned how to catch the wave by launching forward and onto the surfboard and finding the right balance on the surfboard. Here we made sure to do plenty of repetitions, so the feeling and the motion of catching the wave really becomes second nature. We can't surf unless we can catch the wave! In the second part of the lesson, our first timers also learned the pop up. And this worked pretty well! There was a lot of excitement and stoke, this is what makes our job so much fun! See you tomorrow!!!

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