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Surfing in Crete - green waves and white water

surfing a green wave, Kissamos, Crete

Day 3 of surf lessons for Volker, Lena und Niko, welcome back returning guest Viki and welcome on board Vanessa & Maren. What happened in today's surf lesson with Kalo Surf surf school? After we did the formalities and received our surf gear, we settled in the shade of the big tree for the theory part of the lesson, this includes always safety! Then we went to the beach to do our drills on land: popping up on the surfboard. After a quick demonstration from Andy of how to walk in the water, turn around, catch the wave and break it was time for Viki, Vanessa and Maren to practice. Then the surf instructor payed attention to Voker and his kids, explained where we paddle out and where we catch the wave. This worked like a charm and the guys were catching many green waves in the bay of Kissamos - with Andy's help or on their own. After the break we taught and refined the pop up and we had lots of time to practice more until too tired to keep on surfing. Great day in Crete, the wave god has been very generous as of lately with Kalo Surf surf course! This is the link for the photo album of the afternoon of 29 August 2019

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