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Surf lesson in Kissamos in August

surfboard, Crete, backhand turn, surf lesson

Afternoon surf lesson in August in Kissamos. Our group was a healthy mix of surfers with different experiences. In our surf school, due to surf coach Andy's experience and ability to give individual tasks and tips, as well as due to our small group size, we are able to accommodate different levels. Also here in Crete beginner level does not mean automatically white water NOR intermediate level does not mean automatically green waves. Many times conditions are such, that you can try to catch small green waves in Crete even on your first or second day of surfing! Today's surf lesson started with an introduction in body surfing as a warm-up and exercise to better understand the motion of the breaking wave. Then we settled in a circle for the theory part of the lesson, most importantly safety. For the practical part on the beach first time surfer Kim learned the prawn position, while the others practiced their pop-up and stalling & trimming. In the water they all practiced their individual exercises and Andy switched from the inside section to the outside section, to assist. By the end of the lesson everyone was in the line up together and practiced catching waves while paddling. With Andy's assistance regarding choice of wave or with a little push, we caught really nice waves and had an incredible surf session!

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