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Surf course in Kissamos in August

group surf lesson catching waves

Bright and early as usual we met our participants directly on the beach of Kissamos today. Ideal conditions once again for a beginner surf course: empty beaches, glassy waves ranging from knee to waist height. After the welcome and formalities, we started our sports activity with a warm up to wake up body and mind. Then we covered the first day theory and of course safety rules. Once in the water our participants learned and practiced to catch a wave and glide on the moving element whilst laying down on their bellies. This is always the most fun as the adrenaline kicks right in with the first glide. After a set of exercises we make a break and then learn how to pop up on a surfboard. Now our first time surfers joined returning guest Julia with popping up on the surfboard. Julia on the other hand concentrated in the second half on stalling & trimming in preparation for the turn. It was a great morning in Kissamos, it’s such a pleasure for us to see your happy faces.

a couple catching a wave together in Crete

Our afternoon course was very similar as the morning, only our participants had to travel longer to meet us in Kissamos. They came from Chania and as far as Georgioupoli! We appreciate the effort you make in order to surf with us. Our most experienced surfer in the afternoon was Anastasia. While the others went through the ABCs of the Kalo Surf surf course, she immediately started her training today with paddling out and catching waves on her own. Throughout the duration of the lesson the waves were getting gradually bigger, so at the end we all stayed together surfing white water. White water is a good wave for the beginning of your surf journey! Our participants were all smiles for their first waves ever ridden. This makes our day!!

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