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First time surfing in Crete

10 year old child surf lesson Crete

The afternoon course went down epicly - is the feedback of Andy after he came back from the beach today. After we geared up: Wetsuit to protect from scratches, lyras to indicate us as surf school, booties to protect from stones on the ocean floor, leash to connect the surfboard to your foot and surfboard (!!!), we sat in the shade to go through the first day theory - this time performed in three languages: French, German and English ;)

After an easy warm up in the shade, it was time for action! After a short demonstration from Andy how to catch a wave while pushing and jumping, everyone went in to practice. What sounds easy in theory can be tricky and takes some practice. But we quickly figure it out and had a lot of fun riding the powerful waves of Kissamos this afternoon. For the second part of the course we tackled the pop up. Even though completing the pop up is not even the goal of the very first day, everyone managed to stand up on the board, even for a short second. A great day today with lots of smiles and happy faces.

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