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Gliding on a Surfboard - an incomparable Feeling

surfer surfing a wave in Falassarna

This morning we woke up to the sound of wind around the area of Kissamos. This particular wind direction means, waves get created and will hit the shore in Falassarna beach. Of course surf instructor Andy knew that from before as he studies the weather reports in and out several times per day. After we met all our surfers and arrived on the beach, we first geared up and then started with the most important basics of surfing. Safety signals and safety rules: how to protect your head during a nosedive and how to fall after a ride or when trying to pop up. Then we go in the water an learn the motion of catching a wave. It was the third day of Sunita with us and she went straight to practicing the pop up and riding the wave. It is very important to understand when and where to catch the wave and to find your correct balance on the board. After the break the others joined Sunita with trying to pop up on the board. It worked out really well for their very first day of surfing and being in a completely new environment. Thank you all for surfing with us!

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