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Ride and Glide - Surfing in Crete - morning

girl surfer catching a wave with the surf instructor

It has been a great day for learning how to surf on our favorite island Crete! We enjoyed our morning session at the bay of Kissamos where the waves had a fantastic size for our beginner class. Also Surfari surfer Rob could catch a couple of good waves and Julia joined him for some bigger waves further outside.

The surf lesson started with the most important theory followed by a warm up. Andy showed our two families, one from Belgium and one from Germany, their first exercises in the water. He taught them how to catch the wave and how to turn the board in the water. This may sound not like a lot but it's all very important to learn within your first surf lessons.

For Team Belgium, Inge, Victor, Morris and Tom it was the very first, but Team Germany, Mario and Mia, had their second day in the water.

While the boys were riding the waves, the girls were gliding the waves. Each feeling is incredible, especially for the first times. It takes a lot to catch the wave at the right time with the right speed and the correct positioning so you can glide and then even to make the take off and hold your balance? That's amazing for the first days and this is why we can call it a very successful day for each surfer!

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