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Lovely people, lovely surf course in Kissamos

surfer learning to surf in Crete

Early morning surf course at Kalo Surf surf school in Kissamos in Summer 2019 with a lovely group. For those who follow our blog and are wondering what content we put in here: When surf instructor Andy comes back from the surf course, he gives Julia in the office an instant feedback how the surf course went. If everyone had fun, if the equipment was good for everyone, if the teaching method was suitable for all, what the conditions of the waves and the certain bay was, and if there was anything out of the ordinary happening. Like this we can react if something needs to be changed! This is our method to keep up the quality, ensure that all individual needs are met and even strive to provide a better service.

Today's instant feedback was that it was a lovely group and a lovely surf course. The morning started super smooth and punctual. After everyone was geared up with wetsuits and surfboards, Andy introduced our first time surfers to the first day theory. Then a warm up followed. After that it was time to hit the water. After a quick demonstration how to catch a wave while pushing and jumping, the whole group practiced this crucial exercise - key to everything that will follow during one's surf journey. After the break we moved on to learning the pop up on the beach and again a demonstration from Andy: Catching the wave, popping up, riding, and going back down on the board to finish the ride. If the final step does not work out, fall flat! Then we practiced practiced practiced until we could not practice anymore (our guests need some energy for the next surf lesson!) and everyone felt the stoke that comes with surfing!

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