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Surfing During the Storm in Crete

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The weather phenomenon in Crete these days make all surfer, sailors, fishermen - generally all "water people" - nervous and excited. We have not had such a storm in a very long time. Strong wind means big waves and also strong currents. Therefore the coast guard issued a waring to all sailors, even bigger ships such as ferry boats and cruise ships are not allowed to leave the harbor. For us as Kalo Surf surfschool and surfers this means to take wise decisions. Our experience in reading weather maps and our knowledge of beaches and bays on the island allows us to know where to find surfable and most importantly safe conditions.

So we went with a group of returning guests and intermediate surfers to the surf spot that Andy predicted would work the best - we are not mentioning names here ;) When it comes to surf in challenging conditions it's not most important to be able to catch the biggest waves and make the coolest maneuvers. It is important to have a lot of experience with a surfboard in the water generally: overcoming the wave, knowing how the water and currents behave and how to behave in a tricky situation such as being caught in the rip or having a wipe out. We can say with confidence that our group tackled the situation wonderfully and not only that: we had many many epic rides and plenty of personal victories..... we're looking at you, Sandra :)

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