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Surfing with friends on Crete

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Surfing in September on Crete means warm waters and great waves! This is how we love to spend our Fridays at the beach of Kissamos.

Coach Andy introduced Martin, Valeriy, Anfisa, Artemiy and Joosep to their first Surf Lesson with Kalo Surf. After explaining the basics about surfing and how to handle a board, it was time for the first practice in the white water: Glide.

Meanwhile, Sandra who has already been surfing with us last year - welcome back :) - could start with the take off and catching the first waves right away.

Our more experienced Surfers Charlotte, Moritz, Ava and Jose rented the surfboards for the time of the Surf Session. They did a little warm up and paddled all the way out to the line up to find the right spot to catch the unbroken waves.

It sounds, like we were lot of people in the water but we also had a lot of space. In September, the beaches are getting empty and the beach break offers a lot of spots to catch a wave. We had a great atmosphere at beach, everybody cheering for each other. Surfing and sharing waves with friends is the best way to enjoy the ride.

Happy Weekend everybody click and here to see the pictures of our Surf Session of Friday!

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