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Warm Up of the day: Running in the Bay of Kissamos

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We start every surf lesson with a warm up because it's important to prepare our bodies for the surf session. Sometimes we do some Yoga and sometimes we just run.

Anouk, Bob and Maggie surfed for the third day with us and did just great! One wave after another got caught by them. While Anouk tried some turns, Bob was busy with a few jump tricks - check the fotos for more! And Maggie surft her first waves all by herself, fantastic!

Julia joined them and she is already an experienced surfer, so after a few waves, she tried the turns. And at the end of the lesson, Andy took her out in the line up to catch a green wave - an she did it!! Just a surfer knows the feeling!

Taking about a great feeling, Daniel and Karoline had their first they of surfing with Andy and finished the session with surfing their very first waves. Congratulations!

During the second lesson in the afternoon, coach Andy trained a group of friends and first time surfers from the Netherlands. The team of organiser Julie learned everything about safety while surfing and how to handle the board: overcoming the waves, turning around, positioning and catching waves. They even rode their first waves on their very first lesson!

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