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Catching waves on Crete - Kalo Surf Experience

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Sven and his L-Team joined us for their last day of surfing with us. You caught so many waves and look at your pictures, you learned so much in so little time! You can be really proud of yourself! Just like Danai and Dirksen, who also joined the surf lesson in the morning and really rocked!

We all have to travel to catch some waves, but today, Iphigenie and Moana came all the way from the south of Crete to go surfing with us! They are smiling so much in the pictures of their surf lesson, looks like the ride was totally worth it!

It was the was the second day on the surfboard for Anouk, Maggie, Bob and Finn. They practiced the board handling, push and jump and of corse the take off. Really nice session with you guys!

Click here to see the pictures of 10.08.2018

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