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Team Blue Lycra Surfing in Falassarna

surfing green waves in Falassarna

If you see a couple of surfers surfing in Crete all with the same lycra, it's the surf lesson of Kalo Surf! The blue lycras (or rashies or rashguards or t-shirts) that we wear ensures that you can be identified in the water as a group, recognize your fellow surfers even in the corner of your eye as well as Andy with his red instructor lycra. Especially when the beach gets busy in the summer months it is good to signal to those around us, hey we are a group with a professional course.

This morning we started bright and early as usual to surf the last remaining swell of the West Coast before the waves take a break. The beauty of the water speaks to itself. The waves were glassy and just the right size to to a variety of exercises. Catching white water waves for our first time surfers and riding the face of green open waves for our intermediates.

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