You should have been here yesterday

Today the waves in Crete were even bigger than yesterday if you can believe it! "You should have been here yesterday!" if a famous surf saying.

This means:

1. Surf forecasting is extremely difficult and the local guys know how to read weather phenomena and from experience when and where a swell will come up long before the other surfers.

2. When the surf is on you don't want to miss it!

We never want a "You should have been here" - situation to happen to our surfers. That's why we invite you to trust our knowledge and come surfing with us when the wave is best! Today's group definitely got a surf session to remember!

This is the link for the pictures of today

#wavesinCrete #surfforecasting #surfsession #reefsurfing

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Surfschool Crete Greece
Surfschool Crete Greece
Surfschool Crete Greece

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