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SUP in the morning / Surf in the afternoon

Kids surfing in Kissamos

Stand up paddle excursion

Yesterday the weather was kind of crazy in Crete. We were able to pull off two activities that need two opposite weather phenomena in just one day. For a stand up paddle excursion we ideally look for no wind an flat waters. For surfing in Crete we need windswell that creates waves. Early early in the morning, when the sea was calm and beautiful, Andy took returning guest Kaisa and her friend to a new SUP excursion that they have never done. They jumped from cliffs and explored an underwater cave.

In the afternoon we had a small and nice surf group that were able to learn surfing in Kissamos thanks to a swell that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Thanks to Andy and his fishermen-like knowledge of the sea and the weather predictions we where able to pull off this epic day for Kalo Surf.

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