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Surfing on the West Coast of Crete

Group photo surf course

Today's surf lesson took place on the west coast of Crete with a nice western swell. It was the first time surfing with Kalo Surf for all. Some had previous experience with other board sports or at other surf schools and for the others it was completely new territory. After assessment of the level and a good introduction on safety, and communication it was time for the first exercises on land with ISA level II certified surf coach Andy. Then our group conquered the water and practiced the correct positioning on the board and catching the wave. Our surfers caught many white water waves and even tried to stand up on the surf board! - Remember, standing up is not the main focus when it comes to surfing. You need to understand the mechanics of the wave breaking and how to use that power to ride it! - When we finished the sun set session in Falassarna beach our group was happy and exhausted.

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