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Team Sweden goes Surfing in Greece

Team Sweden goes Surfing in Falassarna

One call is all it takes! We received a phone call in the morning, that a group of 6 Swedish friends would like to learn how to surf ... today! So we set up a second class and took them to a nice beach break in Falassarna. It was a great session with a lot of fun! The whole beach was looking at us and laughing with us.

For most of Team Sweden, it was the first time on a surfboard. They learned so fast! In the end the surfing lesson, all of them surfed one wave after another! Well done guys!

For the surfing lesson in the morning, we chose a Reef Break close to Falassarna. It was the 3rd Session for Enrica with Kalo Surf in total and the first time at a Reef Break here in Greece. It was amazing! Ava joined her they did sooo goood!!

Click here to see all the pictures of today!

#surfinginGreece #Reefbreaksurfing #surfspotfalassarna

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