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Surfing in Falassarna with Kalo Surf

Girl surfing wave in Falassarna

Because of the current swell and wind direction we chose a surf spot in Falassarna for today's surf lessons. Turquoise water, glassy waves and empty surf. This is how we like it at Kalo Surf!

Natalia, the girl in the picture, surfed her very first wave and had a long ride to the beach! Amazing!! Also Catherina, Jakob, Linde and Kristina had some nice waves and surfed with a big smile on their faces :)

After the surf session, we went back to Kissamos and Andy taught us about the formation of waves and how you read the forecast. With those information and tips, our surfers are ready to go surfing by themselves!

Our Intermediate Class enjoyed the glassy waves of Falassarna, too. Digby, Heike and Yannis caught one wave after the other!

Click here to see all the pictures of today!

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