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First day of surfing with Kalo Surf

surf girl with surfboard at beach

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet! Alex and his girls had their second day of surfing and all of them improved so much!

Mila surfed her first wave and we are not sure who was more enthusiastic - Mila or Surfcoach Andy! :D

Alex and Ludmilla learned how to shuffle on a surfboard and specially Ludmilla surfed one wave after another with a big big smile on her face!

For Nina and Joey it was their first surf experience. They came all the way from Chania to surf with us. We had great waves for the first day of surfing and after a warm up and safety instructions the had their first exercises in the water and in the end of the lesson, Joey surfed his first wave! Nina is super close, just one more lesson you will surf, too! :)

Click here for the pictures of the day!

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