July 27, 2016

 Yesterday the group of David, Rafael, Paul and Oliver enjoyed a fun training session before they could rest their sore shoulders for a couple of flat days. Don't forget, surfing involves a lot of paddling! But it is a wholesome training that makes you one with nature, a feeling that is hard to describe!

Pictures of 26.07.2016

July 26, 2016

Know this particular smile? It's the universal smile all surfers share, only a surfer knows the feeling. Yesterday, we welcomed a new group of beginners and Hannah was a true trooper, doing a double session on her last day with us. Hope to see you soon!!!

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July 25, 2016

Yesterday we celebrated our alumni with the traditional leash toss. Once you went through Andy's paddle training in Crete you can proudly call yourself a Kalo Surfer. And once "you get the physics of it" (quote Roman) you can not help to be stoked. We say good buy to awesome guests Roman, Ann-Sophie and Wanja. Hannah will get the pleasure to to some master classes after graduating ;)

Pictures of 24 07 2016

July 21, 2016

The early bird catches the worm. After a quick theory lesson on priority - very important for surf spots all over the world - we paddled out with our intermediates and were able to share many good waves. 

After that it was time for the Beginners 2 and we made a huge progress, regarding position, posture, take-off and even turns!

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July 21, 2016

Yesterday, our bay in Crete presented itself like the most famous beginner spots, like Portugal, France, England, and Fuerteventura. Powerful shallow white water, to train your take-off and more. After the first exercises intermediates Pierre and Thalie were ready to paddle out to surf green waves.

Pictures of 20 07 2016

July 19, 2016

Today we started with a Sparta Session in the morning. All Kalo Surfers that became Spartans know what we mean ;)

The afternoon brought beautiful powerful white water lines, ideal to train catching the waves and popping up!

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July 17, 2016

Pay good attention when Andy demonstrates a move! Today's beginner course was full of smiles and talented newbies. Again, we feel blessed to share the joy of surfing in Crete. Afterwards it was father-son-time. Karl-Georg and Alexander are already experts when it comes to paddling out and catching the waves. Surf until you drop!

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July 14, 2016

Lorenz, Pauli, Eric, Karl, Diego, Liona and their parents are the newest members of the Kalo Surf kids surfing paradise in Crete. Yesterday from early the morning till the evening our beautiful bay had wonderful waves for our smallest member, just like a wave garden. A natural fun park in the middle of paradise. The pure joy in the kid's eyes is what keeps us going and makes for them a vacation to remember!

Pictures of 13 07 2016

July 12, 2016

The early bird catches the worm, must have been the thought of our family from Austria. The kids were so excited, they went to bed early and woke up just for Andy and surfing in Crete.

Right after that it was time for the Greek/German kids. It's day 3 for them already and we can see a beautiful progress. How nice to spend the summer vacation surfing as a family all together!

In the afternoon we could not believe our eyes! A sea turtle swimming right next to us while we surf. First spotted by Sonja, we felt truly honored to share the ocean with such a beautiful creatures.

Pictures of the day

July 12, 2016

Round two for family surfing at Kalo Surf. No wonder. With conditions like this everybody wants to experience the beautiful feeling when the wave pushes you to shore. The magical waves of Crete.

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