October 27, 2015


The perfect ending for a perfect season. We thank all the guests of Kalo Surf Surfschool Crete for the precious moments and the "good times only" we shared. To all of those that got an unexpected surprise when they saw us surfing on the beach and were quick to join our lessons: "I did not think that I would surf on my vacation in Crete!" And to thoses surfers that trusted us that there are waves in Greece and we are glad that we could deliver.

We are also proud, that you saw the best of our beautiful island and everything it has to offer: delicous food, tsikoudia, the wine, the landscape, the olive groves, the stunning bays & beaches and the Cretan hospitality!

See you next year!


You will find today's pictures here

October 27, 2015

The northshore brought in some more challening waves for Moritz, Charlotte, Manu and Patrick. And when it is harder to paddle out, keep calm and know there is always a way. Go back to the beach and assess the movement of the water. Find the channel where the water moves out of the bay and use it to paddle out. This is easier to spot on a smaller bay, because the water bill move out on the left or right side of the bay - or on both sides. At Kalo Surf Surfschool Crete we will assess the beach with you and teach you the basics to better understand the ocean and it's movements.


Photos of 26.10.2015 here


October 26, 2015

Yesterday there were really nice steep waves with offshore wind that allowed us to do some aerial maneuvers, barrels, snaps and re-entries. Right after the surf, we enjoyed some Cretan cuisine on the beach.


Yesterday's pictures click here

October 24, 2015


But don't worry, we are wild too!

Why bother getting wet, when you are in the water already? Today the reefbreak was working one more time and the intermediate group of Kalo Surf Surfschool headed out in the morning to surf the beautiful waves. Come rain, come shine seemed to be today's motto. No wonder - with the stoke from yesterday in our hearts, an empty surfspot and good vibes only!!!


For more pictures click here

October 24, 2015


We came, saw and surfed!

Yesterday was an epic day to remember. Our reefbreak, Dexameni, welcomed us with offshore wind, perfect waves and empty surf - of course. We were quick to announce this is the Kalo Surf Surfschool day of the season. Never ever has our intermediate group surfed a spot like this one - yes, there are waves in Greece!!!

With an empty surf spot like this, and perfect waves one after the other, our group had an individual wave count like never before. This allowed them to work on their specific mistakes and newly learned maneuvers over and over again. Such a progress in a single day! Charlotte declared it her best session ever - ever - period.

With such a beautiful surf and good vibes in the water, the changeable weather was like icing on the cake. When have you ever surfe...

October 22, 2015

 Yesterday was a day full of adventures for all of us. During a torrential downpour we were expecting to see Noah's arch anytime soon! But after an hour the sky cleared up and the wind dropped and delivered us a glassy ocean with small waves perfect to work on paddeling, catching the wave and the correct pop-up.

Plus, yesterday was the day Marty MacFly arrived in the future in Back to the Future 2. While we are still waiting for the hoverboard to be invented, we have our surfboards to have fun with!


Pictures of the day

October 20, 2015


Stormy weather, partial sun with clouds - but warm waters and empty surf spots, was the report of the day! Not our normal sunny weather, but our surfers were brave enough to paddle and catch some really nice waves.


Click here to view and download the photos of today.

October 18, 2015


Our lovely doctors couple landed today on the island of Crete and decided they want to jump straight into action. We delivered an amazing Stand Up Paddle tour that allowed them to see the landscape, the underwater natural aquarium that our coastline is and to enjoy the Cretan warm waters. The day ended with a welcome dinner at one of our very best restaurants, trying some of the amazing traditional recipies that combe all sorts of vegetables, honey and fruits all coming from Cretan produce - from the meat to the vegetables and the fruits.



Today's pictures here

October 17, 2015


Today the northshore of Crete had yet again perfect conditions for us in store. Glassy waves, warm waters, empty surf and endless sunshine: not a single cloud in the sky!

Today we were joined by Carsten, a former top windsurfer. He picked up all of Andy's teaching steps so quickly that he literally flew through all the beginner stages and ended up paddeling for green waves on his very first day!


Click here to download more pictures

October 17, 2015


A cycling odyssey around the world http://www.social-cycling.de with Patrick and Manuel made a stop by KaloSurf and got some nice glassy waves. Tristan a longboarder from Woolacombe payed us an unexpected visit and shared some nice waves with us. Yannis, one of our Cretan groms, made it to paddle out for the first time ever and catch some unbroken green waves, thus prolonging his rides! Fabian made great progress surfing empty surf all those days, and yesterday you could already see the improvements on his take off, turning FH and BH, reading the wave, positioning in the water and here are the photos of yesterday.

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